Another Scarf . . .

My newest project. . . yes, i know i never finish anything! but this must be done buy the 24th of august. another birthday present. this one is for my mom's mom.

well, the dreadful tale of this damn project. . . .
i ripped it out about 12 times each time i made a different patern. i started at 2pm and i am still working at this time of night (11:13) i think it's almost 2 feet long. this is the best picture i have, i have no wonderful camera that takes great pics. . . i hate my camera, it dies after 3 pictures. . . it's not worth the money spent on AA batteries. i take all my pics on my computer's web cam.

i finally stopped ripping it all out and decided on this pattern:

10 rows of "fishnetting" = double, ch 1, double, ch 1 . . . forever and then one row of triples, followed by even more fishnetting.

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