A left over note i made . .

I took a trip with my family to northern california and the very bottom of oregon. we we on our way to some place and i needed to pee so bad. and these are my thoughts and . . wonderful? . . memories? . . . oh but this i told to my parentals and Nea. the car was filled with laughter. i wish i could go back and do it all over again. . .

Peeing is illegal??? darn it i gotta go. apparently my sister says that peeing in national forest is illegal, but come on!!! i gotta go bad! i drank a XL drink at del taco and my mom is trying to load me up on water so i get better. a wonderful time to go on vacation . . . when you're sick?

----A few rules----

rule 1 - don't go on a week long road trip when you're really sick

rule 2 - when your mom is a nurse . . . LISTEN TO HER!!!

rule 3 - DON"T LISTEN TO HER! cause now your bladder is full and you really gotta go.

i dunno man. but the law says that peeing is illegal but it doesn't say who. so i don't understand why deer aren't in jail for peeing and the squirrels aren't in there for indecent exposure.

I still gotta go. my family loves to talk about personality types and lucky for us, each one of us are a different one. we always joke about a therapist watching us eat dinner. my bet - their head would explode.

I said, "i gotta go! pull over! gimme a tissue i gotta pee!!!"
my sister said, " NO! It's illegal!"
my mom said, "You gotta do what you Gotta Do."
and my dad, the weirdest of them all, "I'm out of Green Tea."

i say if a park ranger comes up to me, I'm gonna pee on his foot!!! i gotta go! leave me alone. I'm not against rangers, when i was little i wanted to be one. but now i have no idea what i'd like to do.

of course my family calls CalTrans very often to see how traffic is so now CalTrans is "fixing" the roads. so we're stopped going uphill i have a wonderful view of lake britton. . . lucky me. i see a tree and i think out loud, "that would be fun! i wanna pee out of a tree!"

... and, no i didn't pee in a national forest but i ran to the restroom. . . hehe.

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