Yea.... long time no see...

i'm back, after forgetting about my blog for almost a year and losing my mind in the end of the school year madness.

I have yarn that i bought over a year ago and i want it gone.... what do i do? i try to find a freakin' pattern but no one has a simply droopy bag pattern. i just want to make a sqishy sack... :(


The Poiple Heel

My sock is on it's way! i've almost finished the heel.

Photo 2
I've done more than you see in the picture. but these are the most recent pictures of my sock. wish me luck! i've been splitting yarn on every turn but i finally got over that and not there haven't been many more mistakes. yey!


Where are my glasses???

My friend came down this weekend and we went out together and i was wearing my glasses but i decided to leave them in his car while we went to a concert. we got home around 2am and i forgot to grab my glasses when he dropped me off at home. . . well, now i won't have my glasses until the next time he visits in about 4 weeks.



MY FIRST SOCK IS FORMING. i twisted it once, knit with the wrong string, dropped stitches, picked them up again . . . that would be my experience so far.


I'm planning on only making ankle socks but with one lace stripe right up the middle . . . cross your fingers! i hope it comes out right.

i don't know if that was a bright idea at all, but i did try lace on my first ever sock and my biggest attempt on pearling . . . first week of knitting??? yup, i'm screwed...

Cleaning Accident

While Cleaning My Fish Tank . . . i was cleaing out the inside if a 1" tube and my hand slipped and jerked inwards inside the tube and, yes . . . it almost skinned my hand. Sorry for so many bloody pics but i am, sadly, very mean to my skin.