The Poiple Heel

My sock is on it's way! i've almost finished the heel.

Photo 2
I've done more than you see in the picture. but these are the most recent pictures of my sock. wish me luck! i've been splitting yarn on every turn but i finally got over that and not there haven't been many more mistakes. yey!


Where are my glasses???

My friend came down this weekend and we went out together and i was wearing my glasses but i decided to leave them in his car while we went to a concert. we got home around 2am and i forgot to grab my glasses when he dropped me off at home. . . well, now i won't have my glasses until the next time he visits in about 4 weeks.



MY FIRST SOCK IS FORMING. i twisted it once, knit with the wrong string, dropped stitches, picked them up again . . . that would be my experience so far.


I'm planning on only making ankle socks but with one lace stripe right up the middle . . . cross your fingers! i hope it comes out right.

i don't know if that was a bright idea at all, but i did try lace on my first ever sock and my biggest attempt on pearling . . . first week of knitting??? yup, i'm screwed...

Cleaning Accident

While Cleaning My Fish Tank . . . i was cleaing out the inside if a 1" tube and my hand slipped and jerked inwards inside the tube and, yes . . . it almost skinned my hand. Sorry for so many bloody pics but i am, sadly, very mean to my skin.

uhm . . . stash additions . . . *gulp*

I recieved a GIANT bag of yarn from my aunt who also crochets but she didn't want this yarns anymore but i wound them all into balls. these are some of the ones that i took while winding but i didn't take pics of all of them.

purple with shinny stuff. . .
i have no idea . . .
Red Heart . . .
something or other.
Blue ? ? ?
Sea Foam . . .Icky!!!Forest Green . . .
My Favorite!
 red, yellow and more green 


Poiple Socks

I started my socks . . . kinda . . . well, here's the guage swatch i guess. i'm waiting for my sister to come teach me more.

This is Lisa Souza Super Sport super wash merino in sport weight on size 1 1/2 bamboo dpns.


Fabulous Fiber Fest 2007!!!

August 17th, 2007 - The Fiber Fest in Santa Monica, CA.

This was actualy my first visit to any gathering of crafters; showing off their stuff and selling their wares. Out front they had several animals on display; Alpacas, Angora Bunnies and Chincillas. i instantly fell in love with the rabbits.
Inside there were SEVERAL different booths set up all over the auditorium floor. The one i got stuck inside of, of course, was Lisa Souza. I bought 4oz/375yds of Super Sport 100% superwash merino in the color "Poiple" for $16. This is a pic with the casted on swatch for my first ever socks.
I also bought 7 oz/432yds of worsted Malabrigo in the color "Indigo". for $21.


It is finished!

I finished it this morning at around 5 am i was going to go to bed but i was too close to being done and i was worried that it gave me so stressed that if i put it down, i'd never finish it.

It's not hard at all it just bugged the hell out of me to get started. but here's the patern if you'd like to try. . .

ch odd number of stitches and a turning chain for double crochet.
rows 1-10: *double crochet, ch1* REPEAT until last stitch loop and double crochet.
EVERY row 11 after the rows 1-10 triple crochet the whole row.


Crochet Stress

I am not kidding!!! since i made that new scarf in my last post this was a picture that i didn't put in. i took it much earlier than the pics in the last post but i was getting so frustraited and getting really angry at anyone that dared to bug me while i was trying to come up with that pattern. i have this horrible habit of bitting my bottom lip when i'm stressed and i got bloody. but now it's just sore but no more blood. . . yippy!!!

Another Scarf . . .

My newest project. . . yes, i know i never finish anything! but this must be done buy the 24th of august. another birthday present. this one is for my mom's mom.

well, the dreadful tale of this damn project. . . .
i ripped it out about 12 times each time i made a different patern. i started at 2pm and i am still working at this time of night (11:13) i think it's almost 2 feet long. this is the best picture i have, i have no wonderful camera that takes great pics. . . i hate my camera, it dies after 3 pictures. . . it's not worth the money spent on AA batteries. i take all my pics on my computer's web cam.

i finally stopped ripping it all out and decided on this pattern:

10 rows of "fishnetting" = double, ch 1, double, ch 1 . . . forever and then one row of triples, followed by even more fishnetting.

This is not an Ice Cube!!!

ICE CUBE??? No! This thing is a fricken ice berg or one of the props from X-Men. i was looking around in our freezer and i found it . . . not even in the ice cube maker. it was so cold i nearly lost my hand trying to take a picture of it. well, after the picture i just threw it in the sink and forgot about it.


Christmas Crochet Quilt UPDATE!!!!

I have a count!!!
I have the 26 squares of grey, DONE!
I have so far, 34 / 60 squares of Navy.
And I have 12 / 94 squares of black.

I need 180 squares and i have completed 72 of them. . . eeep.
I have been using Knit Wars and it has been such a helpful tool to keep me motivated. i have no idea how much i'm getting done but it's much much much better than before.


A left over note i made . .

I took a trip with my family to northern california and the very bottom of oregon. we we on our way to some place and i needed to pee so bad. and these are my thoughts and . . wonderful? . . memories? . . . oh but this i told to my parentals and Nea. the car was filled with laughter. i wish i could go back and do it all over again. . .

Peeing is illegal??? darn it i gotta go. apparently my sister says that peeing in national forest is illegal, but come on!!! i gotta go bad! i drank a XL drink at del taco and my mom is trying to load me up on water so i get better. a wonderful time to go on vacation . . . when you're sick?

----A few rules----

rule 1 - don't go on a week long road trip when you're really sick

rule 2 - when your mom is a nurse . . . LISTEN TO HER!!!

rule 3 - DON"T LISTEN TO HER! cause now your bladder is full and you really gotta go.

i dunno man. but the law says that peeing is illegal but it doesn't say who. so i don't understand why deer aren't in jail for peeing and the squirrels aren't in there for indecent exposure.

I still gotta go. my family loves to talk about personality types and lucky for us, each one of us are a different one. we always joke about a therapist watching us eat dinner. my bet - their head would explode.

I said, "i gotta go! pull over! gimme a tissue i gotta pee!!!"
my sister said, " NO! It's illegal!"
my mom said, "You gotta do what you Gotta Do."
and my dad, the weirdest of them all, "I'm out of Green Tea."

i say if a park ranger comes up to me, I'm gonna pee on his foot!!! i gotta go! leave me alone. I'm not against rangers, when i was little i wanted to be one. but now i have no idea what i'd like to do.

of course my family calls CalTrans very often to see how traffic is so now CalTrans is "fixing" the roads. so we're stopped going uphill i have a wonderful view of lake britton. . . lucky me. i see a tree and i think out loud, "that would be fun! i wanna pee out of a tree!"

... and, no i didn't pee in a national forest but i ran to the restroom. . . hehe.



The Podcast is "working" i don't think you can find it on iTunes at the current date but we are working on that. You can go to The Yarn Gnomes Page to subscribe.

The show notes are also there. So, i guess if you'd like to see what we talk about you can just read the notes. It's all there if you'd like to see or hear it. Just leave a comment if you'd like some help or if you have any sugestions. Thank you all!

btw (yes, the album art is hand drawn. . . by me. . . i hope you all like it. . . . well, i hope so, i was nervous.)



It worked! on, yes, my fourth CO i didn't screw up. not even after few rows. it's coming out nicely . . . i hope. i need this to be done by the end of november . . hehe . . . that's forever from now. which means, i can slow down and take my time and make many more granny squares.

I knit???

Can you say "CAST ON AGAIN???"
This is my 4th cast on i hope i don't screw up
again but you know. . .

. . . here's a pic of why i ripped out my third try.
yea, kind of obvious. . .

. . . Maybe i shouldn't knit in the dark
. . . to be continued . . . *dun dun DUN!!!*


Crochet Scarf

This may be the simplest quick project ever thought up!

I made this scarf in a few days but i made it incredibly long. This scarf you can make as short or as long as you want, my was 9 feet long. I used Caron Simply Soft Worsted Acrylic in the bright purple color. Yes, i know that in the picture it looks more like blueberry.
Don't laugh at the simplicity.
~ Chain however many loops it's takes to get the width you desire.
~ Chain 2, Double Crochet the whole row.
~ Chain 4, Double Triple Chrochet the whole row.
~ REPEAT both rows
~end with double crochet row
~weave in ends

And you're done!


Christmas Crochet Quilt

I started a project back in May which, at the time, sounded like a good idea for a Christmas present for the same year. i need 180, 3 round granny squares . . . . so far, i have 55.

I am using "Dark Horse" Fantasy Yarn which i bought at my local yarn store in 3 colors, Black, Blue and Grey.

Hopefully i get done before Christmas, but if not . . . they should understand . . . . i hope.

(I'll Post more pictures later)